Being Thankful

At this time of year, we take a moment to be thankful. As parents/Early Childhood Educators we focus on taking care of others and we often forget about ourselves. Being thankful for the “things” in life is always appreciated, but if we stop for a moment to listen, to watch…

As I walk down the halls I hear stories, talking, whispering and giggling, children crying, staff comforting, and music playing. Washing machine rinsing, dishes banging, and all kinds of chatter! I hear please and thank you, and lots of potty-talk!  I see smiles, tears, runny noses, and brooms sweeping, bottles and feathers, glue and glitter, and friends hanging onto hands. Staff leading, directing, and encouraging.  All of the special things.

We all have strengths, every one of us. I may be biased but I’m sure that Early Childhood Educators are a special kind. We come to work with a smile, every day.

We have patience, and I’m not sure where it comes from!

Recently I had a new staff join our team that had to go straight home to bed after her shift and she couldn’t figure out how our full-time staff manages!

I am so thankful for my amazing team, all 47 of them! Every day they make me smile.

I’m also thankful for all parents that support our centre. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share all of the little moments with your children. So when you have a chance.. put down your phone, turn off the TV, take a deep breath and listen & watch.




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