My First Blog

As the Executive Director for the Childcare Centre for many years, I am excited to finally share our Web Site with you!

First let me tell you about myself! I have been working for the Clinton Co-Operative Childcare Centre for over 21 years…..shhh don’t do the math (I’m only 29!)  Working with the school age program, working the split shift, gradually working up the ladder, I am extremely proud to be part of a busy centre with an amazing group of educators who I know enjoy spending time with your children on a daily basis.

As a team we all work hard! These children are busy! On many days staff head for the couch as soon as they get home, and wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s a reason we love spending time with your children, they are amazing, outgoing, and have great personalities. Keeping us in line, and telling us when they think things should be done differently!

I’m not sure how many times in a day we wipe tears, give hugs, and change diapers (maybe I don’t want to count!) We love spending time outdoors and planning exciting adventures. Evidence of these adventures is always available for you to see in  your child’s documentation book, take a look, there’s always a story to share!

Working with an active & dedicated Board of Directors, we ensure high quality childcare. Operating 3 locations with a team of over 40 staff members. We provide before and after school care for children attending Clinton Public School, Clinton Christian School, St. Josephs Catholic School and Goderich Public School, as well as full day programs on non-instructional school days.

At the main site (located in Clinton Public School) we provide childcare for children birth- age to 12 years of age. We are extremely proud of all of our programs and have an extensive waiting list for most programs. We are licensed through the Ministry of Education on a yearly basis and follow the Childcare and Early Years Act.

Thank You for visiting our new web site! Keep popping back to see what’s new!

See you later alligator!

Bonnie Hastings RECE

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